The Narcotic Farm


For more about the history of the Narcotic Farm and addiction research read Discovering Addiction, by Nancy Campbell

For more about the history of women in American discourse on addiction, read Using Women, by Nancy Campbell

For more on the history of addiction research including interviews with scientists and doctors who began their careers at The Narcotic Farm, go to: University of Michigan Substance Abuse Research Center website

For more about The Narcotic Farm's narrator and composer Wayne Kramer 

Wayne Kramer's website

Former Narcotic Farm inmate William Burroughs reads "The Do-Rights," a poem about the Narcotic Farm

The Man with the Golden Arm, a feature film which opens with Frank Sinatra's character returning from the Narcotic Farm

Panic in Needle Park, a stunning LIFE photo essay about heroin addiction in the early 1960s by Bill Eppridge that became the basis for the Al Pacino film of the same title

National Institute on Drug Abuse website

PBS Frontline documentary, Drug Wars, associate produced by Narcotic Farm produce/director, JP Olsen

"Prisontown" music video by The Malefactors of Great Wealth




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